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What is the newest version of helpspot, and how does one go about obtaining the upgrade if we are running a previous version?


Hi Jason,

The newest version is 1.5.5 and was just released on Friday. Every few days your HelpSpot isntallation checks what the latest version is and will notify an administrator when they login. At that point there will be a link on the “admin” page to download the latest release.

Also on Friday an email was sent to each contact person on file with a link to the latest download.


we are currently at 1.3.1, and I’ve looked over the entire admin “space” and have not seen a link for upgrades. this a quirk of 1.3?


It should be under your support area, but your installation may not have checked yet. It only checks every 5 days or so. Misty received the notification email. Ask her to forward it to you as it has the URL to update. Also if she should not be the company contact let me know and I can adjust that.


This is all set, and taken care of. Thank you for your help ian. You really do have a great product here.

GAW Network Administration/Support.


Thanks Jason! Anytime.