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Next version?


A quick question. Just wanted to find out when the new version is due for release?

Looking forward to it.


Soooon. We’re wrapping up testing shortly on version 2.4, doing a short beta and then it should be out by the end of the month.


Hi there,

I saw the post named “HelpSpot 2.4.0 Beta Group” where you list some of the new features of 2.4. The list includes an item called “Dozens more bug fixes and features”.

Could you give us some details about these little bug fixes and features? :slight_smile:



Hi Markus,

We’re releasing the beta probably later today. I’ve just opened up the beta release notes which you can find here:


Is the new version available yet?
If so, how can I download it?


Hi Gary,

It’s still in beta. If you’d like to receive a beta version send an email into us and we’ll send the link over.


Good morning. Where do I download the new version?

Thank you