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Non-ASCII Unicode characters being dropped from email



When a Note is edited/created in-client, it supports non-ASCII Unicode characters like 你好 just fine.

However, when those same characters are sent in through the Email Mailbox, we experience problems. We’ve tried 3 email clients:

  1. GMail and Thunderbird’s emails behave the same - the non-ASCII characters just get dropped throughout the HelpSpot UI.
  2. SquirrelMail’s emails (which use decimal NCRs, e.g. 你好) get rendered correctly to Chinese glyphs on the Workspace pages, but are shown unreadably as decimal NCRs on the Request Page.

Please advise. I’m really liking what I’m seeing in my trial so far, but we really need full Unicode support in our scenario.


Hi Ian,

Currently HelpSpot doesn’t support unicode. We do have an experimental version we can send you if you email support and the next major release of HelpSpot will, but the current stable release does not.


Hi Ian,

Alright thanks, will do that.


Great, the experimental version fixes our Unicode problems. Any estimate as to when this feature will make its way into the stable release?


OK cool. It’s a pretty big change as we have to update all the database for people with 8+ years of data so it’s in progress but not imminent.

You can use the experimental version though, it’s pretty stable.