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Not able to install on PLESK based server


8 years ago we had some real challenges setting up HelpSpot via Plesk but, we managed and even dealt with the chron jobs effectively thanks to Ian’s guidance.

Today, we tried installing for a new venture and can’t get HelpSpot to install at all via Plesk.

We took the same bundle and installed it without a hitch on another server but, for this venture, we are required to use Plesk.

Looking for guidance from others who got themselves out of similar situations successfully.



What kind of error do you run into with plesk? We can see if we can get things running.


Thanks Matt…

We can not run the install shell script on plesk or cpanel because we don’t have root access.

Plesk is not presenting a usable error message. All we got was the attached from HelpSpot!

We followed your posted instructions but… the installation is not successful.

clean install.

ran the installer PHP
and getting the attached message
reproducible 4 times now…

but, if we run a SHELL script locally, the installer works


We will need to enable debugging to get the actual error message here. To enable debugging, edit your config.php file and add the cDEBUG option to appear like so:

define(‘cDEBUG’, true);

This will do two things. Errors occurring within HelpSpot will be displayed in a error-reporting screen that shows the error, the file, and related information. Errors occurring within HelpSpot will also be logged to the data/log/helpspot.log file


We resolved the issue by installing on a different server (without Plesk)

We suggest your team look deeply into the Plesk incompatibilities and resolve them with an upcoming release.

we can close this tkt