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Not Getting All Formatting From Original E-Mail


We have customers that send us an e-mail to make a tentative request with tentative information. This allows us to get a head start. When the customer is ready to finalize the request, they often highlight their changes in the original request by changing the background or foreground color of the changed text. This formatting is not getting through in the HelpSpot UI. Is there some option that I am missing? Or is there some kind of work-around to get the complete formatting? Most of our customers are using Outlook and creating their e-mails in HTML format using Microsoft Word as the editor. Also, we don’t want to use attachements for these requests.


Hi Gray,

Do you have HTML emails enabled in HelpSpot? Is some formatting getting through but not all?

HelpSpot does have to clean up “bad” HTML and unfortunately Outlook creates a lot of it. It may be that the method Outlook is using to set background colors is invalid HTML and is being removed by HelpSpot for the protection of the system.

An alternate solution if you do have HTML emails on (which is the default) would be to have them change their formatting. I think bold for instance is more likely to get through.


Looking at System Settings, cHD_HTMLEMAILS is set to 1. Yes, we get bold, itallic, etc. but text foreground and background doesn’t get through and numbering gets converted to bullets and numbered/bulleted lists get merged.


Hi Gray,

If you’d like to forward us an example email we can take a look. Send it as an attachment to customer.service at I suspect it’s just that it’s poorly formatted and the cleaning ends up having to fix the bad HTML, but we’ll take a look.



Just got back to look at this. The sample .MSG file is “in the mail”. I suspect that your assesment is correct, but it would be nice if HelpSpot could handle Outlook formatting. (I assume Outlook is used a lot with HelpSpot.)



Hi Gray, This issue is always on the list for improvement. Thank you for your input.