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Note type changes when a client replies



We face an issue with note type of reply been changed, when it is received from our client.

Here are the details:

Sometimes when a client replies to us on an existing ticket, his reply is marked as Private and even though last respondent is a client, but we see that response is sent by a staff member.

These are certainly not expected. An early resolution would be appreciated.

Thanks and Regards


Hi Vishal,

HelpSpot will mark any email from anyone other than the customer as private. It determines if it was the customer or not by checking to see if the persons email matches the one listed in the customer box.

So what you’re probably seeing is a customer starting a request on one email account, but replying from another. In that case HelpSpot has no way to know those 2 emails are from the same person so it tries to be safe and leave it private.



Thanks for the reply.

Is there any way we can change this behaviour?



No, there’s no way to change it as you wouldn’t want everything to be public. Then anyone could send in anything and the customer see it.

We have a few ideas how we might adjust things in the future to eliminate this but it will require internal changes to many things so it’s a longer term thing we’re working on.