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Notification of multiple requests on same issue / prompt to merge


The Merge feature is great but I wonder … if you have multiple agents dealing with requests, is there any current functionality within the system to alert an agent to the fact that an issue they’re looking into may in fact already have been raised by the same user in another ticket?

Just seems like if there isn’t such a functionality it would be a bit of blind luck for an agent to know there’s already a ticket out there that should be merged.


Yes, there is some. When viewing a request if the same customer has other open requests they’ll be a count shown in the request history tab alerting the staffer. This doesn’t try and detect if they’re about the same thing, just that there’s other open issues and the staffer can check them.

Often though this is easily evident as the customer will have sent them in one right after the other because they forgot something, etc and you’ll see it in the queue.