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Notification when request submitter through Portal


I can not find a way how to create an automatic notification by email to IT department when someone creates new request through Portal (web page).

Another issue I found is: when customer opens a link with the existing case and add new comments (types new updates) and click Update Request button it wakes long time to submit a case. If customer click Update request button several times system creates duplicated updates attached to existing case.
Is there a way to grey out “Update Request” button after customer pressed it onece to avoide duplications?

Thank you in advance


Hi Evgheni,

If you’d always like to be notified on new requests you can enable that notification in your personal preferences (top right corner).

If the updating a request it taking a long time it could be slowness with your email provider’s smtp server. Check your settings in Admin->Settings->Email Integration. Make sure you’re using the right hostname and so on for SMTP.



It looks like this setting to be notified now only applies to “Unassigned” tickets. Is it possible to have a setting for all tickets upon creation, even assigned ones?


There’s not a setting for all tickets, however, you could do that pretty easily with an on-create trigger. Rather than having each person emailed as an action it can sometimes be cleaner to setup a distribution list in your email system and send a notification to that via the triggers email external action.