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Numerous Problems with Safari 4.01, Especially Request Notes and HTML Formatting


I am not sure if anyone else is experiencing these issues, but since upgrading to Safari 4, I’ve had numerous issues:

  • HelpSpot sessions prematurely timeout, requiring me to re-login after only a few minutes
  • Attempting to insert a table into the request notes fields does not work (you select the table parameters, click Insert and nothing happens
  • Cannot change text colors in request notes using the toolbar (clicking on an alternate color makes the font slightly smaller and does not change the color)

Is anyone else having weird, quirky issues like this in Safari 4.01? All of these features worked perfectly in Safari 3.0.


Hi Aaron,

I’ve been looking at this. Still haven’t seen the fast timeout, but working on it. The table issue looks to be a problem with TinyMCE, it doesn’t work even on the latest tinymce on their website (that’s the wysiwyg tool we use) so we’ll need to wait for a fix from them on this. Though Saf 4 seems to be a bit buggy, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple has a few fast patch releases that clean up some of this.

It might be worth using FF until Safari 4 stabilizes.


Thanks - I appreciate the quick response! I’ll just work around it until a fix is posted. I still prefer Safari over FF even with the problems! :slight_smile:


After letting Safari run all day (4.0.1) I still have not encountered the timeout issue. Perhaps you could use FF for a day and see if you have the issue in that. If you do then we’d know you’re having some type of server issue. If not, it’s Safari or something on your machine interacting with Safari.