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Office 365 mail integration?


Hi, first post here.
A little surprised that I couldn’t find anything about mailbox in Office 365. Does it work for Helpspot? Documentation on the topic is a little thin…
Second; to cut down on licenses used for Office 365, can I use shared mailboxes for Helpspot? We have a couple of mailboxes today integrated with Helpspot and those are full Exchange users, but I think it is too expensive. Can we use one account and shared mailboxes instead in Office 365?
Thanks in advance.


Customers use HelpSpot with Office365, it supports IMAP and SMTP so no problems there.

By shared mailbox do you mean one account on 365 with multiple mailboxes/folders within? HelpSpot does let you set the folder name so in theory that could work. We generally don’t recommend that though as it makes things more complex. Usually it’s worth the extra cost to have the few extra mailboxes you need, but you can experiment with it and see if it will work for you.


Can you tell me what the specific settings are to get Office365 accts to work? I’ve tried Imap settings of port 993 and SSL security. It times out?



Perhaps you don’t have the correct hostname setup?

It should be 993, ssl no validate. If that doesn’t work perhaps there’s a network issue, a firewall blocking you outbound? Network/firewall issues often timeout.