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Old helpdesk system


Hi we are currently migrating from our old helpdesk system to Helpspot. When we go live i have to have a way for our staff to look up old cases. I thought about migrating the data from the old system to helpspot but i dont think that will be necessary.

The old system has a table that contains all messages with the ticket id as a field. I will dump this into a new database and create an asp application so i can look up tickets in the database. so far so good.

I dont want my staff to spend time in the old system, i want to break habits etc… so i thought i could just creat a textbox in the manage request section (preferably under options on the right). That way when a customer reply an old case (from the other system) the id will be included in the subject. The staff can then paste this id into the custom text field and look up the case from my asp app gettig a fast overview over the old case, paste information from it etc…

When i looked into the admin.php file it looks like it is compiled with zend, making it difficult to modify. Is it possible to modify the workspace like i have done with the portal?


Hi Kenneth,

I think you should be able to eliminate most of these steps by using our Live Lookup API:

Live Lookup will allow you to integrate HelpSpot either directly with your old system or via your new database if you prefer or that’s easier. You can then display information directly on screen from the old system as well as store the old systems ticket ID if you like in a HelpSpot custom field.