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One Database, Multiple Portals?


I’ve just started using HelpSpot for my consulting business, and have multiple small firms as my clients. Each unique customer is assigned to a different category.

One client has requested a portal that would integrate a little better into their corporate style and possibly put that page on their Intranet.

I plan to keep everything in one database, so all I need is a way to have multiple portal pages – a standard page for most of my clients, and a few unique portal pages for the others. Any suggestions?


You could have multiple installations all pointing to one DB and then customize each portal individually. You’d need to adjust the templates to only assign to that one category.

If you really only need the submit form on their intranet it would be easier to build a form that sends an email to HelpSpot. Then using the email parser api HelpSpot will import the data from the form email. You can read about the email parser here:


Well, I uploaded another copy of Helpspot to the same server in a different directory… but it keeps redirecting to the first install.

I have not yet run the installer on the 2nd copy though. Is that required? And will that affect the 1st install?

I’d vastly prefer to use the web interface than the email parser, by the way.


It redirects instantly to the first install? Make sure the config.php file in the second install has the correct cHOST variable for the new directory. The database information should be the same as install 1, but not the cHOST information.