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OnPremise instalation and loading from


Hi all,

I have HS for a short time on my server. Everything is OK and all is funcional.

But sometimes, when I would like to look at some ticket, I see in my browser, that (propably ajax) loading of request history waiting for THERMOSTAT.IO server low response.

I have on premise instalation because my tickets are private. Need other “on cloud” service is very annoying.

My question is --> why on my ON PREMISE instalation need chceck any other servers?
Which data will come or will be sent to this server on internet.

Could I stop using of this external resource?

Thank you for answer.

Have an ideal day


#2 is actually another service built by userscape that we use in HelpSpot. It is used for an occasional NPS survey that we distribute to our customers. We aren’t sending any data anywhere other than if you answer our NPS survey in HelpSpot.


Could I switch off this unnecessary service? Is any simple solution for this?


There is not a UI element to switch it off. I suppose you could block it in your browser.