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Open ticket with values from URL parameters


Hi there,

as we try to integrate the helpspot system as smoothly and easily as possible with our own system, we stumbled over the following questions:

  1. is it possible to open a ticket with predefined values through the url?
    Something like:

  2. is it possible to access the advanced-search directly through a GET-Request?
    Something like:

Thanks and best regards,


Hi Stefan. I came here to ask a very related question, so I’ll answer your first question above and add my own.

You can create a new requests using the URL parameters shown on this page:

Now for my question, I’m doing this myself right now and setting the customer name/email and the category are working great. But is it possible to set the sending mailbox and subject line this way as well? We handle three different mailboxes in our HS installation and it’s important that emails sent via this means use the correct one.

I tried adding the HTML name attributes from the form in the URL but that didn’t work. I’d love to see this as a feature if it isn’t already possible.



Hi Stefan/Kenn,

It is possible Kenn to set the subject by passing &sTitle= but not the send from currently. I’ll put that down for consideration.

Stefan, due to how the search system saves the last search passing in like that isn’t supported currently. If you’re (or have access to) a programmer you could build something simple with the API to do that though.


This is great! Can I also update an open item from a URL?


Well, you’d have to have the access key to pre-populate the form but it should be possible. Normally for updating though you’d use the API since at that point you’re more programmatically doing something vs just linking to the support page.