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Open tickets report -- wrong info on user?


I noticed that I am getting some discrepancies the open ticket report by staff. I see a person with 24 open tickets – but when I go to look at the detail – I am only presented with 10 open tickets. (this is through the admin reports). I get the same behavior on my custom reporting queries and interface.

I am wondering if it is an artifact due to the fact that I have been closing tickets for this person – without actually moving them into my queue?


It shouldn’t be. Once a ticket is closed, it’s closed, no matter who opened it. Is this the current workload report you’re using?

Your custom reports are showing you 10 or 24?


My custom reports show exactly the same behaviour. So the overall query from a MySQL Group By query on all open tix by user shows 24 – for this user.

But then when I do a query on this specific user – I get 10. It is kind of strange. I’d be happy give you access to our helpspot install – but don’t want to give out login info on forum.

I’m doing some investigation via direct sql queries now.


Sorry – actually – Both my queries come up with 24 for the user. Group by and specific for this user.


OK – I figured it out. It was messages marked as SPAM – and SPAM folder had not been deleted yet. We were a little confused because we thought we had deleted the spam (with the update and close button).

Maybe messages marked as SPAM should be disassociated from users on the system – so the reports don’t get messed up while waiting for SPAM folder to be emptied?


Ah, good catch.

Yes, actually that’s how it does work when you batch them to spam but not when you send them to spam from the request page. That’s fixed in this upcoming release.