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Open unassigned ticket alert for only your "categories"


hey everyone-

in a trial right now and seeing how it would work for us. one thing that i was wondering about is the new ticket alert option.

under each staff member there is a checkbox for “Notify on Unassigned New Requests” – but it will do exactly that. Our staff is assigned to different “categories” as those are the ones that they care about. we would like for them to get alerts for their new tickets in the category only - not everything.

i was playing around with triggers but if we end up with several categories it gets unwieldy with configuration - i was also unable to generate the same exact type of notification with subject line etc of the new ticket.

any quick ideas on this? or is the trigger way the only one right now? thanks!



oy vey – i am an idiot – i see thats what the mail rules are for. sorry! those work great…


Great! Let us know if you have any other questions.