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'Opened After Date' won't let me select nor enter a date


When I am searching, I select the ‘Opened After Date,’ then I click on the calendar icon to select a date. No calendar appears. I then try clicking in the ‘Select a date’ field and I can’t do that either. In the upper right corner I see it says Loading…, but nothing ever loads.

My machine is Windows XP. I’ve tried this on Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome, and the results are the same for each.

Any suggestions?



Just curious. Are you able to from a work space click on the ‘initial request’ and have it pop up so you can see it? We had javascript issue that they were helping with and was curious if this may be the same problem.


Yes I can.

The only thing I see that doesn’t appear functional is the date selection in the Advanced Search.


Hi Beth,

This bug was fixed in HelpSpot 2.7.1, if you upgrade that should fix the issue.