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Opening hyperlink to a new window using Formatted Text Syntax


Hi Ian,

I’m just wondering if it’s possible to redirect links written in Formatted Text Syntax to a new window. Currently, when links are clicked…they will appear in the same window (away from the Workspace) area.

The syntax used is Google which is the same as html tag

To open a new window in html tag, we can simply add a target="_blank" but how do we do it using the Formatted Text Syntax?

Is there a way of doing it?



I don’t think there’s a way to specify it using formatted text. One neat thing though about formatted text is that it actually accepts HTML. Since you know HTML you could simply put in the link you want with Google and it will work.


Yes it certainly does work for URL with pure link; however we are attempting to use one of the custom fields e.g. ##CUSTOM6## into the URL hence…

this would work but not


if there’s still no possible way of getting it to open in a new window, could this be considered for enhancements with the Formatted Text Syntax?



Gotcha. The markup format is actually a standard called Markdown which we implement but don’t directly control. However, I’ll definitely put it down for future consideration and research.


One note Daniel is that the link you posted that’s HTML will actually work if you use the formatted text editor for your notes. If you’re using the wysiwyg there may be an issue, but I haven’t tested yet.


Hi Ian,

Yeah, we most probably have to make do with opening on the same window for now


the above link is coming up as

the ##CUSTOM6## is not being replaced to the actual value (most probably) because it’s in between the double quotes. therefore, its a problem there…


OK, actually I tested on the 2.4 build so it may have been fixed in the upcoming release.


yeap…we just found an alterative solution too which is simply to right click the link generated by the normal formatted text syntax to “Open in a window”