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Any plans to include Oracle as a database engine?
I am currently using MSDE 2000 and I’m getting adodb errors left and right.
I guess I’ll have to install MySql :-/


We have about 20 beta testers using it on SQL Server without issue. You’re getting them on every page? Are you able to get into the system at all or you’re stuck in installation?

No plans for Oracle right now, though it’s internally setup to handle down the road. Making sure the 3 different databases we do support all work has been challenging as is with all the slight differences and so on.


I believe the only time I’ve seen those ADODB errors in testing was when trying to connect with a DB user who did not have the right privileges. You might want to create a user and make them the owner of the helpspot DB.


The problem might be that I am not using a full-blown version of SQL Server 2000. I’m still waiting for corporate to “loan” me a system I can really test it on (Win2003 Server, SQL Server 2000). I currently have it running on my notebook system (WinXP SP2, MSDE 2000) on which I am also running Oracle 9i (which is why I asked) and a ton of other software. This is definitely not the system I want to run it in, but I wanted to go through the installation procedures and maybe get lucky and have it running.

The errors seem pretty random, though I noticed that during admin login I usually get them on my first login attempt. I’m not putting too much stock on it right now becase of the system it is intalled in, but if I keep getting these errors on our test system, I’ll be sure to post them.


I created a user login that is a member of the db_owner for the helpspot db.

Is there anyway I can use trusted logins instead?


I see, sounds like that laptop is probably busting at the seams!

So you have it running against MSDE, but you’re getting the errors only on login? If you have a chance it would be great if you could copy and paste those errors and either post them here or send them in via the “I found a bug” link at the bottom of each page.

Let me research the trusted logins and get back to you in a little bit.


OK on the trusted logins I think it should work. However, after some looking around online it seems that it isn’t always painless. It’s dependent on which version of PHP, the version of the included MSSQL driver, and various settings in the PHP.ini file. I don’t think there should be any reason it wouldn’t work in HelpSpot, but we’d probably need to tinker with different settings on your machine.

I’m happy to attempt to get it working with you because I’d like to know the steps involved and if there’s any changes that need to be made to HelpSpot to support it.

What I would suggest is that you continue to test HelpSpot with your current configuration and see if it meets your needs before spending alot of time on the authentication. If it does meet your needs then we’ll tackle the trusted login issue.