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Ordering Custom Fields


Hi Ian,

I am adding some custom fields to categories and the “set order” of them is not displaying correctly. The custom fields show in the proper order for me in the admin side but on the requests they are showing in alphabetical order. Existing custom fields are showing in the proper set orders but new ones are not. i have ordered custom fields before and the process to do so is pretty self-explanatory, so I do not know what I could be doing wrong. I’ve tried with Chrome and Firefox with no luck.



Hi Zach,

Are you guys on 3.2.10 yet? This should be fixed in there. You might have to redo setting the order for it to take but it should be good after the update.

Let us know if you’re still having trouble.



We are on 3.2.10 and it is still not working. I have tried several times and have waited a day or two between hoping it would take but nothing yet.


Hmm, are they display incorrectly ordered everywhere? Where are you seeing it.

Also what database are you installed on? Thanks.


No it appears to be only newly added custom fields and new/edited categories. The fields and categories that I haven’t edited are still correct. We are on SQL2008


Is this on newly created Large Text Field? Or any other field type?

Can you check your error logs to see if there are any errors reported after you attempt to set their order?