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Out Of Office - Not Really


Every time I e-mail a request to HelpSpot, the automatic e-mail rule assigns the request to the correct technician, but then it automatically gets re-assigned to INBOX because it says the technician is “Out Of Office”. First, I can’t find any way to say that I’m “In The Office”. Second, how can I stop this from happening? I just want the request to be assigned to the technician - period. Otherwise it does not get assigned and just floats around in the INBOX area.

Here is a copy of the actions taken by HelpSpot:
Mail Rule Match: QIS Billing
Reassigned from “INBOX” to "Paul James"
Out of Office Reassign from “Paul James” to “INBOX”

P.S. - I’m just trying the software out, but so far it rocks!


Thanks Paul,

Sounds like you’ve got a setting out of whack. Go into “settings” in the upper right hand corner. In the communication box you’ll see a setting called “Out of Office Status:” put that to “User is Available” and you should be all set.

Let me know if that doesn’t work.


I’m blind, I looked at that screen many times and never noticed that setting. That fixed the problem, Thanks!

BTW, I’ve looked at a hundred help desk packages and I’ve setup and used several of them, but HelpSpot has got this market nailed. You have all of the important features in a clean interface. Once I got rid of old software installs, your all-in-one installer worked like a champ. I was up and running in 10 minutes.


No problem.

Great to hear about the installer! It’s a new option for us so it’s great to hear a success story. Did you install into IIS or are you using Apache/MySQL?


I am running a dedicated server at my ISP. It is Windows 2003 running IIS. I had a previous help desk package installed that was using PHP and MySQL. My initial try using the installer didn’t work (it didn’t fail, but it didn’t work either - the install php page would not load). I then uninstalled HelpSpot, uninstalled the previous install of PHP5 and MySQL, rebooted, and reinstalled HelpSpot. Then, everything came up perfectly the first time. I went to the install php page, walked through the wizard there, then right into my help desk. Bada boom, bada bing.


Thanks, that’s very helpful. There was probably a conflict there as you indicated. We’ll have to work on adding some code to check for existing installs of PHP. Thanks again for the feedback and let me know if you need anything else.