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Package Tracking


We are currently using the trial feature for HelpSpot and one of our interests is to allow the customer to see the status of their package via a UPS API XML file.

We are not pros at programming custom API applications, but we are wondering if any past or current UserScape users haver implemented a system that can provide shipping information to their customers via Email support.

Thanks for any help.



Hi Devin,

John’s got it, they use it as his company just as he describes. You can store the tracking number in a custom field (Admin->Tools->Custom Request Fields) and then use what we call placeholders to dynamically add that tracking ID to a request via a response (Workspace->Responses).

You can also create a link in the response and dynamically place the ID in the link as John mentions so that your customer can just click the link and be taken directly to the tracking site.

In terms of getting the ID’s into the system there are a lot of ways. Here’s an overview of the most common:


Wow, Thanks for all the help. We will give it a try when we get back to the office.

Merry Christmas to you both!


No problem, let us know how you make out!