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Page title changes to "undefined" with Live Refresh


Since updating to 2.4.2 (Previously at 2.1.1) we’ve noticed that when you have a Global Filter or a user defined “My Filters” selected and have the Live Refresh turned on, the number of tickets that is part of the page title changes to “undefined” when it refreshes.

So the page would change from…

“120 : Workspace: I.T. Help Desk”


“undefined : Workspace : I.T Help Desk”

Reproduce anyone? :smiley:


Hi Greg,

Yes, this is a known bug and is fixed in the next release (coming soon).


Excellent, thanks!

I looked around and didn’t see this documented anywhere. Is there some place I should be looking other than the forums? Or did I miss the post? :stuck_out_tongue:

Other than that, this new version is looking good so far! :smiley:

Thanks again,



Great Greg! No, we don’t post a list of known bugs at this time. If you have any questions though you can post here or send in an email and we’ll get right back to you.