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Parsing email FROM into customer fields


when helpspot sees FROM address in this format:

it attempts to separate the non <> value out as the name part, and fills in customer fields.

but when provided with only 1 name (such as above), this happens:

and the name is filled into the last name alone, rather then then first name.

2 questions:
a) why?
b) Is there any way in the CURRENT (as in non-V3) version of helpspot to change this behavior.

(sorry if this is a dupe post, i tried once, and it never showed up, if these are moderated before showing on the site, you should put a notice somewhere saying that)


Yes, currently that’s how it’s handling it. There’s no way to change that behavior directly (or in V3). You could have Live Lookup check for this if you’re using LL and then have LL swap them or of course fill in the correct info if you have it.