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Passing additional information and customizing the portal


I have just installed helpspot and am very impressed. I would however, like to customize it a bit. What I am looking to do is:

1: pass the ip address of the user who submitted the request on as part of the request. I have added an IPAddress GET variable with the ip on to the “submit a request” link on the main page but am not sure what to do with it from there. I would like this info to show up in the admin interface under the ticket details.

2: I would like the sms/text msg that gets sent to my phone to include the users name, email and description of the problem.

Any help you can give would be most appreciated.



Hi Micah,

Thank you for taking the time to evaluate HelpSpot!

1: Yes you can do this. Pass the GET variable you’ve setup into the hidden field “additional” which is already in the template /helpspot/templates/request.tpl.php. That will make it appear with the request information. Actually you don’t even need to pass the IP via get. It would probably be better to just get the IP on the request page itself and put it into that form field.

Before customizing the templates, be sure to read the link below for information on where to put the modified templates:

2: Currently you can’t modify the format of the SMS message, however that is something we’re planning on changing in a future release.


Than you for your reply. I have tried using the additional variable as part of the GET as well as setting it in the actual request page. However, I do not see the ip address listed anywhere in request when viewed via the admin interface. Please advise. Also, in the future we will most likely want to pass other information from the users environment as well so can you please explain how to integrate more then one ‘additional’ variable into the request. Thanks again.


Here’s an easy example. In your HelpSpot installation go to Admin. The on the right side click “submit a request” under “HelpSpot Support”. You’ll be sent to this sites request page. You’ll notice some information has been passed in via GET. View source and you’ll see that we’ve populated that hidden field with some information.