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Passing in Category via request URL


I’ve read the KB article at but I’ve tried passing in the category (as variable xCategory, Category, and sCategory) and the Category field on the form is never filled in to the value I entered. For example:


Using that URL the Category field still defaults to blank. I’ve done the same with the other two variable name variations I mentioned above, with no success. Is this possible? The code in the request.tpl.php template seems to indicate that this is possible where it says (line 110 of the default request template):

<?php if($this->request_xCategory == $category['xCategory']) echo 'selected' ?>>

Am I missing something? Thanks!


Hi David,

It sounds like you’re on the right track. A sample URL would be:


The thing to note is that you’re using the correct category ID. You can find each categories ID in the list of categories in Admin->Categories.