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PDF Link hiding behind horizontal scroll bar


Hi Ian,

Sorry to bother you again, but since the upgrade, we are having an issue when we receive an eFax into our inbox. The fax comes in as a PDF attachment and is always located at the bottom of the ticket. Now, there is always a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom. If you look very carefully, you will see just the tip of the PDF icon, but not be able to scroll vertically so access it. I have been able to find the link blindly, by moving the mouse over the horizontal scroll bar until I get “the finger” (smile) knowing that I’ve hit the link. Obviously this is not is not conducive. Do you have a patch for this.

A picture of this can be found from



Hi Rebecca,

I don’t have a patch for this, but I’ve put it in the bug system and we’ll have it fixed for the next bug fix release which we’re working on now.


As always, thank you so much Ian! Your timely responses blow me away!

Have a great day.