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Permanent Report for Category



is there a way to have a permanent report about alle requests of a specific category?

background is, that the boss of one of my customers want to see the state of all requests of his employees to me.



Hi Pat,

What you can do is create a filter (Workspace->create filter) which shows the data you’re looking for. Alternatively you can do it by creating the report you need in the reporting section and then bookmarking that report. Each report has a unique URL so if you bookmark them and return to them in your browser the report will be run just as you left it.


ok, but can i (easily or automatically) make this report public? right now, as i understand it, the customers boss need to get an account (which costs licenses) to see the report, right?

on another topic, do you know of an existing german language file? i seriously consider buying a license, but the english language file is terribly huge and i need at least the customers pages and the reports in german.



Ah, no they can’t see it directly but you could certainly save out the report as HTML and email it to them or put it up on your website. Also if if you create the report as a filter there’s an option for creating a “customer friendly” RSS feed. You can then use that RSS feed to create an external report if you like.

I’m not aware of any German language files that have been made publicly available, but many people do translate the portal. Rather than translate the language file it’s easier to just change the text strings in the portal templates. That way there’s far less work and you don’t have to keep the language file in sync for new versions.