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Php api requestCreate doesn't send email


i am using helspot php api for one of my project . while create request by using api function requestCreate($reqparam) in that $reqparam array having the value of

$req_param = array(“xCategory”=>$category,“fUrgent” =>$urgent,“tNote” =>$message,“sEmail”=>$email,“sFirstName”=>$username,“email_from” => “1”);

but it doesn’t send mail to the user or do i need any other parameters in the array to add it?



Yes, that’s correct. requestCreate acts as the portal does and so it’s for use when the customer themselves is creating the request but via your API rather than our form.

If you want to create a request that the user isn’t submitting or where you want to generate an email you should use private.request.create. Be sure to mark the note as public.