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Placeholder text for the most recent update to a ticket


We would like specific people to be aware of tickets from SOME customers when those customers open a ticket as well as the subsequent interaction that takes place between our staff and that person. In the past we have CCed the specific people, but this is a step that is easily overlooked.

A trigger would work, BUT there doesn’t seem to be any placeholder command for the current entry to an open ticket.

Am I overlooking this, or is this just not possible?


Hi Brad,

What you’ll want to do is add the history to the notification email template in admin-email templates

This way every notification generated will include the full history.


Hi Ian,

This is not working quite like we want.

If Dick is the one who opened the ticket, he is now getting the full-history. But what I want is for Jane to also get the full history WITHOUT us having to manually add her as a notification.

While the Full History placement code (##FULLPUBLICHISTORY##) works fine in the main email template, that placement code is not an an option and does not work under triggers.

An alternative solution to this problem would be a way to automate adding email carbons to a ticket, but I’m not seeing anything like this as an option.

Thanks for any assistance you help on this matter.