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Placeholders.pdf broken


Does anyone have a working version of the placeholders.pdf from ?

The copy that’s on the site won’t open.
Any help is appreciated!



I’ve updated that page to simply include the default placeholders in the page.



Thanks Ian!

Follow-up question, is there a full list of the placeholders that can be used? We’re looking for a way to add the last reply from the tech to the user to an automated response.


Sure, the best way really is just to go into the response page and there’s a dropdown below the textarea that lists all the placeholders that can be used in request replies.

However, it sounds like what you may want is to modify the email template. For each mailbox you can use the email template placeholders which have some different options. I think the placeholder you’d want is ##FULLPUBLICHISTORYEX## which inserts the full public note history into each reply.