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Populating email subject via a link



We have a little task which involves auto-populating a fresh helpspot email via a link. Basically we want to populate the email body, address, first and name names, subject, and have it ready as a public note, but unfortunately it appears that not all the fields can be populated in this way.

The ones that we’d really like to work are: email subject (sTitle), and public note (fNoteType). But neither of those work. The format i’m trying is:

I checked out the [documentation|], and since tBody actually works (but isn’t on that page) it appears the documentation isn’t quite up-to-date. Is there an updated list of what parameters work in this manner? Ideally this can be done without having to delve into the API.

Thanks for any help you can give.


Hi Phil,

Normally the note type is already public, unless you change your preferences to default to private.

You’re right those docs were out of date, I’ve updated them to include xStatus and tBody. There’s no way to set the subject via a link currently though.

If you use firefox you could do it with a greasemonkey script.

I’ve logged it as a feature request for a future release.