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Portal: Custom Fields in the Body of the Request


Step 1: We have various categories of requests that come in, so I created a set of categories. That is working as expected and in the portal, we ask…

“How would you categorize this request?”

  • Bug Report
  • General Question or Assistance Needed
  • Pricing Change Request
  • Pricing Issue
  • Programming Request

Step 2: The response to that question determines what Custom Fields will be displayed to the user. (That is working as expected.)
***Question: Why do we have to keep the Details field if we are using more specific custom fields?

Step 3: The user fills out a response, including the custom fields and it is put into my workspace, as expected BUT

  1. The custom fields are on the side of the request instead of in the body of the request. We were really under the impression that you could customize your request, which you can for the portal, but your request customization doesn’t make back it to the workspace. It just comes in as notes on the side. For the various types of requests we handle in our software company, we really need to have these categories and their custom fields be a part of the actual request, not just additional information on the side.

  2. Those custom fields are not viewable in the mobile version of the app. I have a test ticket that has custom fields and when I access the mobile version of the site. Even when I click the “Show log items and notes” button, I can’t see those fields at all. Basically the only things I can see are the Details field, the uploads, and the category.

Also, in the mobile version, in the Details, it shows the Status: “A” which I assume is a key for open, so that may be a bug. I would assume it should be showing Open/Closed or something not a letter.


Hi Rachel,

The custom fields are designed to hold additional questions/information about the request, where the notes are designed to be the primary back and forth communication channel. So it makes sense in most cases to keep the custom fields on the side this way your back and forth communication is back and forth.

If you put them inline where would your back and forth communication with the customer be displayed after the initial request is created?

Currently you can view the full version via most modern mobile devices, the mobile UI is a simpler more streamlined interface for basic request updates.


Thank you for your quick response. I guess the way I see it, is that the custom fields are part of the request, not just additional information, so they should be a part of the original request message.

I think the way the replies are being handled is fine. I just need that the custom fields to be included in the initial request.

I guess that’s what I thought I was doing when I was creating my own custom form using the custom fields.

Re the mobile app, I like the layout. I’ve tried the full version on my phone, which as a fairly large screen, but it’s obviously harder to navigate and sometimes the popup window won’t open to display the ticket.

Without those custom fields, I don’t have enough information to act on in the ticket.

Thank you again for your prompt reply.