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Portal Request Form Format Question

After searching around, I couldn’t find the answer to this question. The portal allows the two options simple and detailed. Detailed being the “what i did”, “what i expected”, and “what happened”.

How would I go about changing that? I tested creating custom fields(large text boxes) but that doesn’t put it in the ticket like I want it to similar to the detailed format for the request.

Is there a way to do this without editing the database/template files?


Custom fields are indeed the main way to do this - were you having issues getting the custom fields to appear at all, or was something else about their appearance on the portal not how you wanted it?

(I’m not entirely sure what your end goal is, that information will help us figure out a solution).


I think you are looking for the different answer formats. To navigate to these settings click on Admin > Settings > Portal .

The first option on this page is the Portal Request Form Format . This is the simplest way to change how you gather information in the support portal. Two options are available, Simple Format or Detailed Format . Simple format is selected by default and provides a single text box for customers to describe their problem. The Detailed format asks three structured prompts that are ideal for troubleshooting technical issues: This is what I DID , This is what I EXPECTED to happen , This is what ACTUALLY happened .

You can read more about this and other settings here