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Portals & private


Im a little confused about the way a request is filed. Initially if you forget to mark as public the customer never receives - is this correct?

When it is marked as public can it be searched through the forum (or some other box) in any way. Or can it only be found using the link sent to the customer?

Also if theres a way to send a question marked as public to the forum so that it can be searched there, that would be handy so that. others could find solutions to the same problem.

Thanks for clearing up


Right, private requests cannot be seen on the portal. Public can, but are not available via search only to the original customer. Also if you mostly do public notes you can set that to be the default in “settings” in the top right corner.

You could cross post into the forums if you like, but you’d have to do it manually. Also you could create a knowledge book page about the question.


No, currently you can only add them to the right side. The ability to create groups of custom fields will be added in version 2 so you’ll be able to organize them a bit better.