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Posting to private APIs from PowerShell


I’m struggling to post information to HelpSpot through the API using PowerShell. GET requests work but POSTs do not. This does not seem like a credential or language issue since I’m getting a response from the server.

### Get the request
$getUri = $uri + "method=private.request.get&xRequest=$requestId"
Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $getUri -Method Get -Credential $credential
# https://.../api/index.php?output=json&method=private.request.get&xRequest=30579
# returns successfully

I’ve tried formatting the body different ways, passing $requestId as string and int, and adding a ContentType to the request but cannot get it to work.

### Update the request
$postUri = $uri + 'method=private.request.update'
# https://.../api/index.php?output=json&method=private.request.update

$body = @{
    xRequest = $requestId
    tNote = $Note
$json = ConvertTo-Json $body
# {
#    "xRequest":  30579,
#    "tNote":  "this is an update"
# }

Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $postUri -Method Post -Credential $credential -Body $json
# Response:
' [23,1: Invoke-RestMethod] {"error":[{"id":101,"description":"Required parameter xRequest not supplied"},{"id":103,"description":"Val id request ID required"}]}'



Hi there. I don’t profess to be a powershell expert, but here’s what worked in my testing:

$user = "someusername"
$pass= "somepassword"
$secpasswd = ConvertTo-SecureString $pass -AsPlainText -Force
$credential = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential($user, $secpasswd)
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri http://localhost/helpspot/api/index.php?method=private.request.update -Method POST -Body $postParams -Credential $credential```


You are right. Not sure why I didn’t bump into that at least by accident. PowerShell serializes the hashtable on it’s own so there is no need for ConvertTo-Json.



Sweet, glad that got things working.