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Prefill request fields from AD based on logged on user?


Hi, I am right now in a testing phase with HelpSpot. Great piece of software btw. To my question.

Is it possible to configure the system in a way, that when an end user/customer opens the “Submit a request field” it get prepopulated automatically based on Active Directory information from the currently logged on user account (like single sign on). It could get prefilled either automatically or after a button click. I have read through the description of the live search feature, but I do not understand it completely. Does this feature work similarly as I asked above? Thanks for help.


Thanks Brian!

You can use Live Lookup from the staff end to fill in the information but not on the portal. You could certainly do something like that, you’d need to modify the portal templates and run your own ldap lookups based on the logged in users but it’s not something that’s built into HelpSpot.

Another possibility is not to send your customers to the portal but build your own form on an intranet or similar internal location. Then you could use our email parser API or web service API to send in requests without the customer having to go to the HelpSpot portal. Since they’d be on your site the entire time you should be able to basically only ask them about their issue and just lookup the other information behind the scenes.


Hi Brian,

There’s no single sign on like that, but it can be setup to use AD for authentication. Details are here: