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Preventing new installation from processing all old email


We have just installed a new Helpspot server and we want to use our old email account. When I point it to the mailbox and run tasks.php, It is picking up all the old email (10 ar a time) from the mailbox. We cannot delete the old email from the mailbox.

Any ideas on how we can limit the email processing to this point forward?


The only way I know of would be to set up a new mailbox, and have email forwarded to it from the old one.


Yes as andrew said you could setup a new mailbox (this can be in the same email account) and move the email to that mailbox which gets it out of the inbox. If that’s not prossible you could setup a new mailbox just for HelpSpot ( and setup the old mail account to forward the email to helpspot@ and then let HelpSpot pickup the mail from helpspot@ instead of your old account.