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Print entire Knowledge Book


Is there an easy way to print an entire Knowledge Book? My boss want us to keep a hard copy of each one. Our Helpspot is installed on a Linux server running MySql. Thanks for any help!


Hi Chris,

For public KB’s there’s a print view full list at the bottom of the TOC in the portal. For private books there isn’t such a page. You could build one with the API or direct query of the database though.


Thanks for the reply! Can you give me an example of a MySQL query? I’m wanting to make sure of the tables and fields involved.




It’s probably better to use the API because you’ll be able to have all the proper page titles, etc. The SQL is a little complicated because you have to drill down and get all the chapters for a book and then all the pages for a book. If you can’t use the API let me know and I’ll build you a sample query, but the API is better if possible.


Hi All

So how do we build a API so we can print the private books?