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Private books customization


Hello Ian,

I’ve been using the helpdesk for several months now and just wanted you to know it is working excellent. However, I’m scaling up the use of the helpdesk now so that we can do internal usage of the helpdesk to support our branch offices.

What I need to know is whether you can customize a version so the knowledge books can be edited to control who can access the books from within our company. For instance, if I have 10 employees, can I restrict only 3-4 of them to see some private books? It will be private from outside people accessing the website, and in addition to nobody being able to edit the book, they will not even be able to see the book unless they are authorized to do so.

Can you do such a customization, and if so, we are willing to purchase an upgrade to get a few more users online.



Hi Ruell,

We don’t currently offer customized versions of HelpSpot, however, version 2 should allow you to do what you want. Version 2 contains a complete api that allows you programatic access to the knowledge books. So you could use that API to create a page on your intranet (or elsewhere) that you display the books on to users who have that level of access.