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Private Notes (with ability to EMAIL out)



As it is now, our system allows us to enter public NOTES with the ability to email others (via a cc:).

Once we choose, private note, the ‘block’ to email others is ‘GONE’. Is there anyway to ADD this block back?

REASON: At times, I need to enter a private note on a ticket (for obvious reasons) … I need that NOTE to go to an outside vendor at the same time (without the customer knowing that vendor is involved). I want the vendor to be able to get this NOTE, reply back to it, and have their REPLY be populated into the trouble ticket as well.

If this was the case, it would REALLY make this system very seamless to our end-users!



Hi Shawn,

You can’t do that in the current release, but that feature is coming in the upcoming release which will be out sometime in September.


looking forward to that feature~ :slight_smile: