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Problem Connecting to Exchange Mailboxes


Setup info

Mailbox: INBOX
username: support
hostname: exhangeserver

When trying to conect tasks.php returns
Cannot connect to support@exchangeserver

I originally had this setup to work off a free mailserver that was running on the same comptuer. Helpspot could connect to that fine on both protocals, but for some reason it wont connect to exchange on pop or imap.

Is there any way to get error or debugging info to see what the problem is ?


Heh problem was our end, server was listening on non standard ports for some reason (good thing noone here uses pop/imap)


Ah good news.

Exchange server debugging isn’t exactly my cup of tea :slight_smile:

The PHP IMAP extension doesn’t always give you all the feedback you’d like and it’s more than a little tricky to use. I think it’s a good idea to dig a little deeper in there and see if there’s anyway to enable more robust error information. It’s on the list!