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Problems adding smtp mailbox to my user



I want to use my company email address integrated with helpspot.
My connection with the mail server is ok because my outlook is working.
i have the following issue.
I’ve instaled the trial helpspot version and i’ve added in admin\settings\Email Integration my SMTP server address, port, username and password.
After that i try to add my email address in Admin\Mailboxes and tried all possible combinations to add but i get different errors when i try to test with tasks.php
I don’t know how to add my smtp mailbox.
To install helpspot i’ve used the HelpSpot Windows Installer and i understand that i don’t need to setup Scheduled Tasks manualy.


What error does it give you when you click the test connection button in the mailboxes?


Error: Can’t connect to,110: Refused
The mail server is configured on pop3 to listen the port110 and tsl secure logon is required to authenticate.
with a x 509 certificate name: *


if it requires a secure connection then try POP3S (note the S), port 995, and SSL No validate.


I’ve tried but still the same error msg.


it is possible to use other method to connect to the mail server not pop3 or imap. maybe like my ms outlook does…?


No, if you’re using Exchange it must have POP or IMAP enabled.


My pop3 service on the server it was stoped. I started it. My mistake
Now i’ve got Error: TLS/SSL failure for Unexpected TCP input disconnect