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Problems with non-ascii symbols after upgrade to latest



We have big problems with non-ascii symbols after upgrade to latest.
We use API that to send customer messages to helpspot. Messages in UTF-8. Database in UTF-8. Default MySQL server charset is UTF-8.

This is test message with non-ascii symbols from customer (which we see in helpspot) :
ÑвапÑвапÑвап sfdgsdfgsdfgsdfg sdfgdfgsdfg fsdgsdfgsdfg sdfgsdfg ппfsdgdfgerwertertкÑе

I looked in the database and I see the same thing.

But we have problems when we anwer too.
This is result of test answer from staff :

dgfhdfghd вапрвапрвапр dgfhdfghdfgh

Please fix this ASAP! I already reported similar problem almost one year ago! During this time the problem not only persists (at least I do not see that this is fixed in changes log), but also appeared in other place.

I should know if this is possible to downgrade from 3.2.3 to 3.1.8.


Hi Sergey,

HelpSpot has never supported UTF-8. If you escape them to HTML entities you can probably get them to show, but then things like sorting and such won’t work correctly.

We are working on a UTF-8 version, but it’s not ready yet.


Hi Ian,

I’m using your UTF-8 version 3.1.8. Rebecca gave me a link and the fact that it seemed to work made be buy a license.

It works reasonably well, except for the ‘Reports’ that do nothing but give error messages.

Clearly I’m very interested to hear your time line for an official UTF-8 release. I get notifications of new versions but I don’t dare to install them.

On your ‘bootstrapped’ podcast I hear a lot about Snappy, but I hope you find some time for HelpSpot as well! It’s essential for support to non-English customers.




Hi Dave,

Yes, that’s an experimental version though it’s progressing.

Yep, there’s time for everyone! HelpSpot is still vastly larger than Snappy and will be our prominent product for the foreseeable future. It’s just that it’s new so makes for better podcasting :slight_smile:


OK, good to hear.

I enjoy the podcast a lot by the way.