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Public api request.create getting response code of 500 but ticket is being created


Im using the public request.create method via jsp and the ticket info is getting entered, but Im never getting my json file as a response. When I check the the repsonse, Im getting HttpStatus as 500.

Im a bit confused, as this code use to work, but no longer allows me to get a valid json repsonse with the accesss key. Is there anything on the server that the admin could have changed to not send a repsonse back via web api? My request.get is working perfect. So Im not sure what is going on.

String userid=request.getParameter(“sUserId”);
String note=request.getParameter(“tNote”);
String email=request.getParameter(“sEmail”);
String phone=request.getParameter(“sPhone”);
PostMethod method=null;
HttpClient client=new HttpClient();

method = new PostMethod(“http://[myserver]/helpspot/api/index.php?method=request.create”);
method.addParameter(“output”, “json”);


int responseCode=client.executeMethod(method);
String res="";
if(responseCode == HttpStatus.SC_OK)
res= “{[‘statusOK’:’” + responseCode +"’]}";
res= “{[‘statusFailed’:’” + responseCode +"’]}";




If you change it to XML do you get output? Check if there’s any output, could be an error.