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Public note and assign to staff member on email reply


We are evaluating HelpSpot and it seems to be a very promising system.
However, I have a question about the workflow when staff members reply by email.
We would like to have the workflow like this:

  1. Customer sends an email to helpdesk
  2. The request remains unassigned and all staff-members get notified.
  3. One of the staff-members reply to the request directly in their email-client (the reply is then sent to the HelpSpot mailbox)
  4. The reply is sent by email to the customer and the request gets assigned to the person who replied.

This way, we have tracking of requests and the staff members do not need to login to the system to just reply to issues.

When I try this workflow today, the reply gets logged as private in HelpSpot and the issue remains unassigned - and the customer will not get an email.

Is our desired workflow possible?


Hi Jens,

It’s not currently possible to do this, as you noted the response is simply logged as a private note. We are currently looking into this possibility though for version 2 of HelpSpot.

We find though that most users will just stay logged in all the time. You can even extend the login period if you like in Admin->Settings->System so that your staff only need to login once ever. Then they can just go to the admin page and manage requests without logging in.



Too bad :frowning: …i think this functionality would really add a lot since it is technically not a hard thing to implement i would guess.

We deliver a highly complex system, and our customers are few and well known by us. Today we do replies with just email, and to keep that workflow and just add the tracking and logging possibility would be great. We do not work as a typical helpdesk, but instead get only a few issues a week which instead gets replied to many times by both parts.

How far away is HelpSpot 2 in time?


Hi Jens,

You’re correct in that it’s not generally hard to do. The main problem is that most help desk software that does do this, does it in a very insecure way. They simply check that your “from” email is from a staff member. The problem is that anyone can put any from email into an email address. This would then easily allow malicious people to directly email your customers as you, and of course that’s not a good thing.

Once we feel we can do this in a secure fashion we’ll likely add it. We’re researching it now.

Version 2 is currently in development. We’ll be releasing beta’s throughout the spring.