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Public Note - Do not email



Is it possible to add a public note and not have it send an email.
Here is my reasoning.
I often go to a persons desk and fix the problem that they have.
I would like to add the fix to the ticket information but rather they not get an email about it.
Currently the way I do this is by doing a private note and then make it public.

If this is not possible at the moment is there a chance for it to be a new feature?



You are a genius!
Thank you!


Would it be possible to change the default setting in the dropdown menu to “Do not send email”? Most of the information we have in the tickets is not important enough to be emailed to the user, so it would be nice to change the rule and have to select the “From” address only when we want to send a mail.


Hi Patrick,

Why not make the notes private if they are not for the customer? You can default notes to private in your personal preferences and then manually mark them as public if they need to go to the customer.