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Public RSS


I would like to post a public RSS feed on a intranet page but it appears to require username and password. Is there a way to feed a filter without the required authentication?


Filter RSS feeds are always authenticated. Most RSS parsing scripts can send authentication headers so you could put your login information in the parser or use a license for a ‘generic’ user who would authenticate.

You could also probably pull the report directly out of the database if it’s not a complicated filter.


I’m new at this and I’m now learning the importance of the authentication. I will try your suggestions. My main goal is to provide status on “global” problems, like a server or some other service being down. Issues like this that affect everyone. Users can check a web page to find the status of a problem instead of receiving multiple calls on the same issue.

Thanks for your response.


Sure. Actually what some customers do is create a public forum and post their updates on major issues there. Then you could use the RSS feed from the forum (which doesn’t need to be authenticated) and use that on the intranet.