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Public vs Private emails


What are the rules governing what items show as public vs private in HelpSpot? We often have instances where we’ll have someone email in, additional CC’s are added by the customer, etc, and eventually, we get into a situation where replies from HelpSpot, some are public, other private. This creates additional work, as we then have to ensure all mail items are public (from the cc’s, etc), so that customers can review from the portal.

Perhaps if we had a way to understand the rules behind it, that would help, but additionally, some mechanism to mark several as public at a time (rather than one at a time via the message drop down menu) would be very beneficial


Hi Matt,

Currently only emails from the customer (from the original email address) are public as well as any public notes from staff. Emails in from CC’s are not public ever.

That said, when the CC’d reply usually they’ve continued to CC the other people so that those people will still have gotten the reply it’s just not listed as a public note.


Thank you for the response. It’s been my experience, thus far, that people still do like to look at the request history through the portal, and not having that available, makes it difficult. I guess we’ll continue marking them as public manually, but perhaps a way to help ease that, would be nice.


Yes, for now you’d have to manually mark them. That is something that will likely be getting another look in a future release though.