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Q/FR re placeholders for Custom Fields / responses



I was setting up some ‘responses’ that we can use with client requests, and was wondering if there was a way to use the ##fieldname## placeholder notation for Custom Fields, as well as for the pre-defined placeholders on the pop-up window, accessible via ‘response configuration’. I attempted several variations of the ‘email parser: advanced tags’ to no avail. System-defined placeholders that I tried worked fine. Running H/S ver 1.3.1

ex1: I’d like to add a custom field for “Release Notes” that can be auto-inserted
in an email to a customer, notifying then that a feature was implemented or
that a bug was fixed.

ex2: many times, the initial-request does not provide a good one-line summary of the request/issue/feature - I’d like to define a custom field for “summary” and (as in the above example) use that in subject-line email correspondence with clients, and also in reports, MyQueue, etc.



Hi Jon,

The upcoming version does most of what you’re looking for. The ability to have custom field placeholders is there. However, right now the summary custom field wouldn’t be able to be auto inserted into the subject. You can set the subject via the response, of that’s global though and not on a per request basis.